Greenhouse, Park + Downtown Wedding

I first met Abby and Eric in San Diego at gorgeous Sunset Cliffs. Our day was full of laughter and fun stories about ourselves. I got to see Abby and Eric's adventurous side when we decided to climb down the cliffs to get to a small cove with a secluded beach to get some epic sunset pics. By their wedding day we were all friends and ready to make this day as beautiful as possible. Their day was based on whats most important to them, family, friends and memories. Their were so many different elements to this day. From getting ready to the perfect first look location, to beautiful greenhouse pictures to going downtown to the bar where they had their first date. Not only were we at the location but their exact table where they first met! Every location was specific and had special meaning. By the end of the night we were exhausted but full of happiness and love for this couple, It was one of my favorite days!